The Voices We Seldom Hear: Business Leaders as Citizens

It is rare to see people in government and industry speak their minds on issues the issues of the day. The former may be governed by conditions of service that prohibit it, but it is the latter’s silence that is worth exploring. Equally deafening is the silence of industry bodies. Continue reading The Voices We Seldom Hear: Business Leaders as Citizens

Whose voice is it anyway? How to make yours count

…participatory democracy requires that I lend my voice on issues that matter. It means staying engaged on the questions of ends and means – what is relevant and worthwhile, what merits commitment of resources, what ensures dignity… It is apparent that democracy is hard work, where the pragmatic and the ideal are held together in perpetual tension – a tension that that can be creative or stressful depending on how skilful we are as practitioners, and how capable we are of holding the two in simultaneity. Continue reading Whose voice is it anyway? How to make yours count

Renu and Naren, 2019

Ma, Welcome to the 79th!

My mother complained, partly in jest, that I didn’t write about her or have her pictures in my book. I tried telling her that the book was not about her. She wasn’t convinced. I told her that a chapter wouldn’t suffice in doing justice to her. She dismissed it. She completes 78 years this December 1st. This is a small attempt to introduce her to you. Continue reading Ma, Welcome to the 79th!


Why Celebrate?

Celebrations held a fascination and I was curious.. Often, they were occasioned by achievements of people around me or annual festivals. There were, of course, other annual features like birthdays that briefly evoked a call for celebration, but I was surrounded by people who preferred a prayer and an offering of thanks, over a party. In my early years, I was more spectator than active … Continue reading Why Celebrate?

Random Reflections on the Awards Season and Humility

Today, there are awards and prizes galore announced for people from all walks of life for achievements and contributions. They come attached with varying esteem, prestige, worth or value. For some it is a moment under a spotlight and soon to be forgotten. For some others, it opens new doors. For a few lucky ones, awards set them up for life – money, fame, opportunities, … Continue reading Random Reflections on the Awards Season and Humility

Shakuntala Sharma: A Long Innings Ended

I returned from Bareilly last night. It was a short duration trip, covering a long distance. Hastily arranged: all to say goodbye to one who had already departed (29th August) on a one-way ticket, never to return. It occurred to me on my way back that it was probably my last trip to that city. Not this time the frantic and frequent calls from her … Continue reading Shakuntala Sharma: A Long Innings Ended

Remembering my Father

I found out that 9th July, 1981 was a Thursday. I had forgotten. That morning was my father’s last. I realise I don’t remember much. Just that he was a tall man with long strides, bespectacled, heavy and handsome. When he fell ill of course, he walked haltingly, bent and leaning on others’ shoulders. But mostly he was carried around and deposited inside a car, … Continue reading Remembering my Father