Taken by Meghna, Boats in Bombay Koliwada, 2017

MH370: ‘Credible new evidence’?

Florence de Changy’s upcoming book casts serious doubts on the official narrative that places MH370’s end in the Southern Indian Ocean. Will it provide the impetus for more searching questions and a fresh investigation? Continue reading MH370: ‘Credible new evidence’?

Sanitiser and mask

Flying Just Doesn’t Feel the Same

After many months of no travel, I just completed a short trip to Bengaluru. I travelled by air on the return journey. Much has been done by the government and airlines to bring back flyers. But my advice would be to undertake air travel only if unavoidable. Pre-boarding Take Bengaluru airport: From the point of entry, till lining up at the departure gates, it has … Continue reading Flying Just Doesn’t Feel the Same