Taken by Meghna, Boats in Bombay Koliwada, 2017

MH370: ‘Credible New Evidence’?

Florence de Changy shared a pre-release copy of her book The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case of MH370 with me, a next-of-kin (NOK) of a passenger on-board MH370. I appreciate her gesture.

This book, dealing with the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, was a gripping read. I spent a little less than a day reading it, skipping much of the night’s sleep.

It was a disturbing weekend. The book took me back to the early hours of 8 March 2014, when the plane disappeared from radar screens and the subsequent futile multi-year search and investigation leading all the way to the present. As I read it, I was aware of the return of deep horror, sadness, anger and utter disbelief; I was encountering people, incidents, milestones and conversations from the last seven years, much of which I had committed to forgetting, and so were now distant memories – devoid of detail, emotive content and clear date-stamps. Revisiting the MH370 saga through the book threatened the foundations of a reconciliation within myself, the peace I had made with not knowing the ‘where, why, who, and how’ of the missing, and my conclusion that as individuals and affected families we couldn’t do much more; establishing truth and justice required a much broader coalition of the public, institutions and governments.

I have known Florence since 2015 as a journalist and contributor to Le Monde. Our first encounter was anything but cordial. Over an hour’s Skype call, I experienced her as needlessly aggressive, and her questions as laced with suspicion of everyone and all things. I told her so. It was an alien experience to be badgered by a journalist working on a deadline to deliver a manuscript. I got the impression she worked hard, was always ‘at work’, to whom everyone was a potential source, and every meeting, an opportunity. We later met at an MH370 anniversary event in Kuala Lumpur in 2017 and have stayed in touch, on and off.

She is perhaps one of the few journalists who has stayed with the MH370 story and approached it with a critical eye. She has never been satisfied with the official narrative and has been willing to challenge what was glossed over or offered as a handout. She risked being unpopular. It was apparent that for her, being sentimental or seeking popularity came in the way of her relentless pursuit of the truth.

The book
This book, I suspect, is an updated and more extensively researched version of her previous book on MH370 (in French). Here, she presents an alternative scenario to what is widely accepted – I believe her when she says she does not like hazarding a view on what might have happened, but I think she succumbed to the call for ‘her take’.

In its essence, the probable scenario painted is not new: that there was sensitive cargo of interest to the Chinese that had to be intercepted to prevent them getting their hands on it, that there was a snafu and the plane had to be brought down. We have all heard some variant of this story. We called it a conspiracy theory then. It is open to the reader to once again dismiss it as one. But in light of all the information she has marshalled, one may want to give it a hard appraisal.

She systematically dismantles or at least succeeds in sowing doubt in the prevalent narrative. It is ultimately left to one’s threshold of what one might consider as facts and evidence, to accept some of her conclusions. There are hunches, hearsay, named and unnamed sources, expert opinions, documents and reports in the public domain, and those that are confidential.

As we progress with our reading, we are told that the story about MH370’s ‘turnback’ just before entering Vietnamese airspace and its subsequent twists and turns leading to its terminal point in the Southern Indian Ocean (SIO), after flying for over seven hours, is false, and is very likely a deliberate fabrication to deflect attention from the tragedy of a crash in the South China Sea.

Florence contends that the pointers of a turnback, based on military radars, have not been verified by independent experts and are unreliable – it was never established with certainty that Malaysia’s military radar showed MH370, that the Inmarsat plots of MH370 all the way to the ‘Seventh Arc’ off the coast of west Australia are bogus, and that the first officer’s cell-phone handshake at Penang is a creative, supplemental touch to bolster a concocted story. All debris finds are dubious or inconclusive and are intended to keep the ‘SIO theory’ intact and reinforced.

Further, according to Florence, the search operation of over three years in the Southern Indian Ocean, headed by Australia, was a case of masterful misdirection to keep attention away from any serious probe into the mass murder / accident in the South China Sea. We are asked to believe that the world has been an unwitting witness to a global disinformation campaign, that included the ‘Big Powers’, to deflect attention and avoid searching questions about the catastrophe that happened on the night of 7-8 March 2014!

Given the above contentions, the cockpit crew are released from potential criminality or culpability in the loss of the plane and lives. The captain emerges as a competent and loyal man, of sound mind, and free of any tell-tale signs of distress, ill health, or compulsions. The pilot-suicide theory that has gained ground in recent months is cast aside on the basis of her own ‘investigations’ and is also rendered a non-issue since the SIO theory is done away with.

What is astonishing is not just that the turnback of MH370 – the very basis of all the search and investigation after the initial few days and till recently – is jettisoned, but also the claim that the flight flew on for another hour or so along its intended flight path to Beijing before hitting the waters of the South China Sea.

This is only a bald listing of some of the key arguments, claims and assertions. In the book, these are bolstered by extensive review and discussion of the officially declared ‘facts’, the decisions regarding search and investigation by Malaysia, Australia, China and other parties, the geo-political context and the alliances, the likely stakes that influenced roles that different governments played. No country comes through as honourable or reassuring. Not even France. It would appear that each country extracted a price for its silence and complicity in this grand cover-up, the scale of which, if true, boggles the mind.

I have much respect for Ghyslain Wattrelos, who finds mention in the book. He bore a heavy burden of loss and invested a lot of energy in trying to unravel what happened to his wife and children on MH370. He will feel vindicated that his deep suspicions about the SIO theory have been echoed by Florence. He has always maintained that MH370 was shot down and that the Americans knew from the beginning.

She paints a somewhat dark portrait of Sarah Bajc, who was an articulate spokesperson for the distressed families in the first year after the flight’s disappearance, that I find hard to resonate with. CIA perhaps? – She lets the question hang. Blaine Alan Gibson similarly suffers through her description of him as dubious. Was he part of the grand plot? I wouldn’t know. I have spent some hours with both Sarah and Blaine, face-to-face and online; I could describe them as intriguing, each with their own angularities, but no more.

In the shadowy world that is invoked, surely questions will be asked whether Florence is being played by the very intelligence community that she has relied on in part. I think not. I hope not.

A strenuous effort
After reading the book, I came away feeling that Florence has vigorously attempted to turn every little detail, work every source – big or small, and pursue every potential lead however minor, to prise apart the now accepted storyline that we know leads us nowhere. She defers to experts where necessary rather than pretend to be one, and in places takes you along on a lead, hints at ‘something’ (psst-psst!) and no more.

In my view, the purpose of investigative journalism is not to solve a problem or case, but to uncover the truth and further the cause of justice. It is to probe, challenge and inform in a way that prevalent facts, opinions, analyses and conclusions can be verified, tested and eventually trusted. Fresh doubts arise sometimes as an outcome – an invitation to crack open an ironclad narrative that has remained unchallenged. In the process, error, negligence, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, deceit and disinformation come to light. It carries considerable risks since it often entails critically examining the words and deeds of the powers that be, disturbs the veneer of peace and the reign of the status quo. It invites a reappraisal of what has hitherto been held to be true. Florence’s book makes a valuable contribution in this regard.

The alleged cover-up:  Implications
If the cover-up theory is corroborated, the scientific establishment that aided and abetted it, the international civil aviation governing body (ICAO), the air accident investigation authorities of a dozen countries, the leading lights of international civil aviation, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, and other manufacturers, Inmarsat, and the insurer, Allianz, will all stand condemned for their participation in this sordid fraud on the affected families and the global public.

Whose words do you take as the truth, one wonders. So many, by their strategic silence, will have discredited themselves. The hundreds of thousands of people across the world who pored over millions of satellite images to help locate debris, independent experts who continue to wrestle with complex questions of science and have made the best of the limited information that was shared or leaked, journalists who were considered trustworthy but stand exposed as not having been sufficiently sceptical of the official version, will be justifiably very angry. There may be many, many more who will have had their reputations questioned or tarnished.

For the families of passengers who perished on MH370 – I don’t yet have the words to describe what it will take to comprehend the scale of deception and the utter insensitivity they have experienced if the revelations in the book are established in the coming weeks and months.

The implications are huge. One should expect studied silence or swift dismissal of the book and the author, and protestations of innocence by Malaysia (and others) very soon.

A fresh independent and international investigation
I expect that the book will have its share of critics and enthusiasts. It would be a mistake to dismiss it offhand as the exertions of a conspiratorial MH-ist. The best outcome that one could wish for is an international call to Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and other countries who have allegedly played a role in MH370’s disappearance and subsequent search to come clean, and for the constitution of an international team, under the superintendence of the ICJ or the ICC, to launch its own investigation.

It is to be seen if a consensus emerges on the book’s core assertions. I remain cynical, sceptical. There will be attacks, smears, and questions around the author’s competence. The more the tabloids cover the book, the easier it will be to condemn the book as sensationalism and an attempt to profit from the tragedy. 

Back in 2017, when the search for MH370 was terminated for good, Malaysia (along with China and Australia) sought ‘credible new evidence’ that could pinpoint the precise location of the fallen aircraft as a precondition to restart the search. It conveniently ignored its own responsibility in coming up with such evidence. It sat at its high table, giving itself a role as an arbiter of competing commercial bids for a new search and a results-based reward. This shifted the burden of finding MH370 and figuring what really happened to other non-specific entities. Very clever.

What the book does is expose several loose ends, each of which may be a trail to ‘credible new evidence’ and a new search area – but it will not be what the cohort of nations, led by Malaysia, would ever have hoped for. 

Notes to myself
I have heard that cover-ups are common in air accidents. I have lived with the feeling that there have been cover-ups in the MH370 investigation too. I didn’t have the wherewithal to point a finger in any specific direction or at anyone. Florence has shown where it could be directed. Simultaneously, deep down, I have lived with the notion that one must deal with people and institutions in good faith, and in the course of time, truth and justice will prevail.

I am asking myself if this is a viable stance and sufficient when dealing with the malevolent. Good faith must go with sharp judgment. Perhaps the lesson is to question everything, deeply. Trust nobody. Nothing. Or maybe the lesson is to trust – not just others, but one’s own instincts too. And value doubts that arise.

The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case of MH370 by Florence de Changy (published by HarperCollins) will be released on 4 February 2021.

16 thoughts on “MH370: ‘Credible New Evidence’?

  1. 8TH Anniv. one month away…Did you do a debris search along uninhabited West Laamu in The Maldives ?….Your wife’s watery grave is 5 miles SE of Thimarafushi Airport…..Prof. Stuart Yeh….Hedley Thomas….Kiki POKORNA…..Did the Tanzanian debris not convince you ? The Vabbinfaru debris ?…the B777 fire exting. ORB ….?…my research is good…..this is the impact site ….everything else you read is just noise…..you will thank me one day…..


  2. Mike Exner is a fine man and has along with many others, done significant work with the limited data accessed. . Grace is a terrific woman who has suffered immensely, and has persevered with keeping the attention on the Mh370 search through all these years. Pl. keep name calling out of this space.

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    1. you will not find your wife by taking advise by either of these people…B777 impact site is The Maldives..Exner is an internet troll ….Kiki Pokorna went three years ago….she returned with valuable info….listen to her podcast with Mickey……she did two podcasts…..


  3. The Maldives area as a possible crash site has been around many years now. I am not aware of Hedley Thomas or your work with regards to MH370. For whatever reasons, the Thaa/Laamu channel recommendation hasn’t turned up anything yet.

    People are well aware that de Changy is not a trained accident investigator. She is also not a scientist or a technologist. What I know is that she has been dogged in pursuing the MH370 case. She could be altogether off the mark as some have suggested. I hold no brief on her behalf. Her claims and assertions will I am sure feel the heat of scrutiny. It falls and fails or persuades people to consider possibilities on the strength of the evidence she refers to have seen or accessed and arguments she advances.

    I am aware that some of the best minds have applied themselves to the information available and the broad ‘consensus’ about the flight’s unexpected path to look at potential search areas.


  4. Well said, K.S. Thank you for having the courage to reopen deep wounds, and to speak truth to power. We owe it to you to learn lessons from the wisdom you’ve gleaned from your excruciating journey.

    Of course, I’ve yet to read Florence’s book. From your summary, I suspect we will disagree on this disaster’s root cause. I suspect this was the work of a rogue agent or state – one crime in a series – involving a hole in aviation cybersecurity that was exploited for geopolitical gain, and covered up by the establishment to dodge responsibility.

    But it sounds like the general public will, with this book’s release, finally be able to see in print one of the conclusions my own research confirms: that MH370 indeed flew as planned until 2:40am MYT (as originally reported), before meeting with a sudden and violent catastrophe. This fate actually explains the physical evidence.

    The official narrative, in stark contrast, does not. Those still peddling the official narrative – and the fake Inmarsat data – want us to buy that MH370 flew “dark” through the tightly patrolled military airspace of a half-dozen nations…without detection. What rot.

    Even more damning: my research documented literally dozens of instances of decisions taken by search leadership which were inconsistent with those expected of a competent search being conducted in good faith. It is now abundantly clear to me that the search was in fact conceived as a means of running out the clock on the public’s attention span. The Inmarsat data – and any “corroborating” evidence that later emerged from deep shadows – was in effect a trail of bread crumbs set out by an establishment keen to lead us…as far away from the truth as possible.

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  5. Florence de Changy is a science (and reality) denier. Her entire history with MH370 has revolved around denying the truth, dismissing and distorting the hard data we have, and promoting instead conspiracy theories debunked many times over. Her latest book reviews are consistent with her history. It is dangerous for the false story it promotes. One has to wonder if she is being played by people who have a hidden interest in misdirecting the search.

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  6. Well articulated as always Naren. I admire the way you have reviewed this book.

    With due respect to your views, as one born and bred in the system, career wise, my thoughts are take it with a very big pinch of salt.

    Shooting down planes is not a new thing. If there such a sinister cargo, either the American, Chinese or anybody else for that matter would have shot down the plane without any conscience, and admitted it.

    In recent times, just after MH370 we have the shooting of Malaysia Airlines MH17 , and more recently, Ukrainian Airlines PS752 shot down in Iran. Wikipedia lists close to 30 planes that have been shot down in the last 50 years.

    So what in the world could make such a difference in view of so many nations being accused of participating in this grand deception involving MH370?

    To each his own.

    Take care my friend. God Bless.

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    1. Thank you, Nathan. I take your advice and caution.
      Indeed, planes have been shot down in the past – accidentally or intentionally. I believe obfuscation rather than full admission is more often the case.
      Like I said in my post, it is hard to imagine what might prompt countries to go to such lengths to create a fog around the disappearance.
      I hope you read the book.


  7. Thank you for the preview, Naren – it makes me all the more eager to read the book! I was struck by a couple of lines in your last two paragraphs: “…one must deal with people and institutions in good faith” and “trust not just others but one’s instincts too.”

    The former has become found increasingly hard to do over the past couple of decades. Approaching something in good faith necessarily assumes reciprocity – take that away, and the very basis for good faith is gone. The struggle then seems to be that of trust in one’s instincts *versus* trust in others.

    Hats of to you for being able to hold on to any vestige of good faith, or even the desire for it, after your experiences over the last 7 years.

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    1. I watched some of the 7TH Remeb. ..ZOOM…Why don’t you ZOOM down to The Maldives….the fuselage rests on the south end of the THAA / LAAMU channel in 4500 FEET of water……I have done the research…NOTHING points away from that location…..You need to do a debris search along the beaches on the west side of LAAMU….the uninhabited places…..the debris found August 2015 ( photo ) looked like tail cone……the wind caught it….there must be something else there to find…Hedley Thomas is still waiting for his Pulitzer…..


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